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Singles Club Digital Songs + Shirt + 7" Box Set



By purchasing this bundle you will receive the following songs as an mp3 from Paramore.

Hello Cold World
In The Mourning

All tracks exclusively available worldwide.

This bundle includes:
- Three mp3 downloads of unreleased Paramore studio recordings.
- Bars T-Shirt
- Access to ‘Singles Only’ club merchandise (released at a future date).
- Limited Edition 7" Box Set *details below

LIMITED EDITION 7" BOX SET DETAILS: The box set will be limited to 3,500 total worldwide. The box set includes four pieces of 7" colored vinyl total. One 7" for each of the songs plus a 7" of the song ‘Monster.’

TIPS TO DOWNLOADING YOUR TRACKS: Each track will be available for you to download when you complete your purchase by logging into your webstore account and viewing your confirmed order. The track will be lit up in Pink. Simply click the track to download the song.

EXCLUSIVE ‘SINGLES CLUB ONLY’ MERCHANDISE: Purchase of this item also gives you exclusive access to ‘Singles Club Only’ merchandise. A unique code will be generated for you and emailed to you when new items become available. Only customers with a valid code will be able to purchase the ‘Singles Club’ merchandise. New members will receive their unique code on the Monday after their purchase.

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